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About Idaho Beef

Idaho Beef is an LLC  based out of Orofino, Idaho, in business since 2005.

Idaho Beef is dry-aged beef that has been ranch-raised for that Old- Fashioned, real beef quality. It's beef from cattle that lived in the mountains and lush meadows of Eastern Washington and North Central Idaho. It's local, natural beef delivered fresh to Eastern Washington, Puget Sound, Portland Oregon, and of course North Central Idaho.

We are a Pacific Northwest company that serves the greater Seattle area as well as the Greater Spokane and Portland area.


All of our business partners are headquartered out of Washington, Idaho, or Oregon. Our select group of Idaho and Washington ranchers take no shortcuts. Our marketing is managed by Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing out of Tacoma, WA.

Idaho Beef is as natural as the grasslands they roam, free from hormones, and only fed what cattle were intended to eat. Our cattle spend their lives on the open range or in large pastures eating grass and swatting flies. From calving season to branding season, in their summer pasture, or at fall roundup, these cattle grow and mature the Western way, the old fashioned way.

There are no gimmicks with Idaho Beef, what we sell is what we believe in. Our grass fed beef is hormone - free because our cattle don’t need them.  They aren't fed animal by-products. They are free to graze the lands and enjoy the Northwest bounty. We raise them slow and dry age them before we ship them.

Western raised ranch beef...that’s what we're known for and that’s what you'll get.

About Our Beef

People should not have to pay a premium for natural food. We sell natural beef that’s as
close to organic beef as you can buy without organic food prices.

Better Beef Because of Better Grass

When it comes to meat, the food you eat is directly a result of the food the animal eats. Idaho Beef is healthier because of the environment it is raised in. The valleys of Eastern Washington and Northcentral Idaho are ideal for both grazing cattle and apple trees.

It all starts with the grass, air, and open spaces, then we add the cattle. Finally, mix in fresh, pure water from the Bitterroot Mountains and Pacific Ocean fed precipitation. The Northwest rains combined with the luxurious grasses of the area lead to beef that is healthy, nutritious, and unmatched.

Beef naturally includes a particular type of monosaturated fat called oleic acid. Grass-fed beef additionally contains high levels of Omega 3 Fatty acids.


There’s More to Grass Fed than Marketing Spin

Technically, any animal that has ever been feed grass is ‘grass fed’. Idaho Beef cattle are not occasionally fed grass; they are always fed grass. When they have been fattened up enough, they are either finished with a grain mixture or allowed to come to weight on grass alone.

Our Idaho and Washington state grass-fed beef that only eats grass is called grass-finished, to indicate they have only been fed grass their entire life. These animals are typically smaller and have less saturated fat. Fully grass-fed/ grass-finished beef is closer to deer or elk meat in texture and nutrition, while grain-finished beef has more marbling.

grassfed beef Seattle

Healthy Beef Without All the Hype

​Idaho Beef assures that there are no chemicals added to our beef at any time, healthy beef is natural beef. Our grass-fed beef for Seattle and Portland is dry-aged - infusing flavor and allowing the natural aging process to occur. We have healthy, non- GMO fed cows, fattened with barley, alfalfa, and oat, or grass finishing.

While Idaho Beef cannot be called organic beef, we don’t think it needs to be. Organic certification ensures your food has been grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, sewage sludge, and genetically modified organisms. It also requires costly approvals and recertifications, and that cost is passed on to consumers.

Idaho Beef cattle, on the other hand, roam the Pacific Northwest countryside, fertilizing the soil. Our grass-finished cattle also help reduce society's dependence on grain production. By supporting the families that choose to raise their cattle the natural way; you are also supporting the environment.

Idaho Beef is local food that supports a local economy. Most of our cows come from Northwest Idaho and Eastern Washington families that have been raising cattle for generations. We believe in supporting our local economy, culture, and ecosystem.

grass fed beef Seattle

Who We Serve

Our grass fed beef boxes are as close as you can get to farm-fresh, without making the trip to Idaho.

For some people, access to high-quality food is a luxury. Either their local store doesn’t carry selections such as all-natural grass-fed roasts, or they are unable to travel.


At Idaho Beef we believe good flavor, tender beef, and healthy eating transcends all demographics and income levels.  The millionaire entertaining on his Seattle Condo rooftop, the mother making home-cooked meals for her kids, or the elderly couple appreciating the convenience of meat delivery, will all regret not finding Idaho Beef sooner.

Pat and his friendly network of local meat cutters bridge the gap between good food and convenience.

Idaho Beef is perfect for every meat-eater, and our convenient meat delivery makes stocking your freezer a breeze. Here are some reasons why our customers prefer grass-fed, dry-aged Idaho Beef.

  • Idaho Beef is perfect for throwing backyard cookouts, or large family dinners.

  • Save on household grocery bills by purchasing family-friendly ¼ cow sizes, or plan effectively with even larger portions.

  • The flavor and tenderness of our beef will have you question whether you should call it a health food.

  • Idaho Beef has no fillers and very little fat. We’re talking 100% pure quality meat. We estimate 10%-15% natural fat on grain-finished animals and even less on grass-finished.

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