Our bulk beef is as close as you can get to farm-fresh, without making the trip to Idaho.

Who We Serve

For some people, access to high-quality food is a luxury. Either their local store doesn’t carry selections such as all-natural grass-fed roasts, or they are unable to travel.


At Idaho Beef we believe good flavor, tender beef, and healthy eating transcends all demographics and income levels.  The millionaire entertaining on his Seattle Condo rooftop, the mother making home-cooked meals for her kids, or the elderly couple appreciating the convenience of meat delivery, will all regret not finding Idaho Beef sooner.

Pat and his friendly network of local meat cutters bridge the gap between good food and convenience.


Idaho Beef is perfect for every meat-eater, and our convenient meat delivery makes stocking your freezer a breeze. Here are some reasons why our customers prefer grass-fed, dry-aged Idaho Beef.


  • Idaho Beef is perfect for throwing backyard cookouts, or large family dinners.

  • Save on household grocery bills by purchasing family-friendly ¼ cow sizes, or plan effectively with even larger portions.

  • The flavor and tenderness of our beef will have you question whether you should call it a health food.

  • Idaho Beef has no fillers and very little fat. We’re talking 100% pure quality meat. We estimate 10%-15% natural fat on grain-finished animals and even less on grass-finished.



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