Ordering Idaho Beef is simple; our goal is to make it easy to buy meat in bulk online.

Buying in bulk saves money, and Idaho Beef is no exception. Our grass-fed, free-range, all-natural beef is a value when compared to similar steaks online. You can buy as little as 1/8 of an animal and receive up to 30 pounds of low-fat ground beef, 8-10 high-quality steaks, 3 or 4 roasts, and up to 15 pounds of other cuts – all for around $500.


Ordering Idaho Beef is really easy. We sell in 4 order sizes to best suit your needs -- 1/8 beef, 1/4 beef, 1/2 beef, and whole beef.

In every order, you are guaranteed a full variety of cuts. You will receive 45% lean ground beef, 25% high-quality steaks, 15% roasts, 10% round steaks, and 4-6% stew meat, soup bones, and ribs.


Custom cuts are available on 1/4 beef orders and larger. Treats for the dogs available on 1/4 beef and larger.


Ready to order? Reserve Now!


​Orders come individually wrapped and ready for the freezer. High-quality steaks include Rib Steaks T-bones and Sirloins that average 1- 1/2 pounds each. 


Please allow at least three weeks to receive your beef from ordering.  Pay only a deposit now, full payment is not due until delivery.

Don’t know how much you need?

Once you reserve your order, we can help you determine the size that fits your needs and budget. We can also discuss your options for cuts and wrapping. Need more steaks? Let us know! Prefer ground meat over a chuck roast? Can do! Order half an animal and we’ll cut it up as you please.

How to Buy Idaho Beef

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